How to build passive income with Runiverse?

There is multiple ways to build passive income with Runiverse.

Investment: Runiverse NFTs, like all other NFTs, can be bought at lower prices in the early stages of the project and sold at a higher price to make a profit as more players join the game and new tokens are adopted.

Passive earnings: As the owner of a Runiverse NFT, you receive a share of the prize pool every time your NFT track is used for a race or your rider is chosen by a player. 

There is three types of In-Game NFTs:


They represent the cryptos that you can choose to play the Runiverse game
Initial Supply: 5 for each crypto
Passive Income: 2% for each time any user plays a game with your skin
Secondary Market: OpenSea


They are the lands where the crypto-athletes race against each other. 
Initial Supply: 1,000
Passive Income: 6% for each time any two users race on your track 
Secondary Market: OpenSea


They will add-on to your crypto SKIN making them look unique. 
Initial Supply: 10,000
Expected Value: $ 300 ~ $ 2,000 based on rarity 
Secondary Market: OpenSea


Runy token can be utilized by Runiverse players to challenge their opponents choosing any crypto asset of their liking, effectively becoming an alter-ego of the chosen coin.

It classifies as a Polygon-native utility-token, and has a max supply of 16.8B, progressively minted throughout an innovative system linked to Equeus’s Mystery Pack minting system. 


There are 9 Mystery Packs with the following features: 

Every Mystery Pack will include a certain amount of RUNY tokens and a set of NFTs. Those NFTs can be Lottery Tickets, NFTS SKINs or NFT Tracks.

The higher the package, the higher the chance to get NFT SKINs or NFT TRACKs. In the worst case, all NFTs will be Lottery Tickets or NFT COSMETICS.

Let’s take the GOLD Mystery Pack as an example:

This is a simulation, the content of the Mystery Packs is randomly decided by the smart contract. In more clear terms, in the same GOLD MYSTERY PACK you should find different NFTs such as, for example: 15 Lottery Tickets, 1 TRACK and 14 COSMETICS.

The GOLD Mystery Pack costs are $ 1,199 and includes $ 1,199 worth of RUNY tokens that are staked at 15% APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

The higher your Mystery Pack, the higher your APY:

The illustrated APY does not consider the potential growth of RUNY tokens.

Below you will see your potential earnings based on four different price assumptions.

Let’s stay with the GOLD Mystery Pack example. Your investment of $ 1,199 will yield following monthly returns for you:

  • RUNY price of $0,0268 will yield $15 per month
  • RUNY price of $0,0464 will yield $29.8 per month
  • RUNY price of $0,0802 will yield $59.3 per month
  • RUNY price of $0,1388 will yield $118 per month

At the same time your whole stake grows in value. Your $1,199 might grow to $9,442 if the RUNY token grows to $0,1388.

Staked RUNY tokens have a vesting period which is activated from the moment of the purchase. 


Each month, a random Lottery winner is drawn from all Lottery Ticket holders. The more Lottery Tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning.

The prizes are Staked Runy (without the right of APY) with a vesting period starting from the moment the prize is awarded.


All income streams described above don’t require you to invite new members to Runiverse.

However, this is an “invite only” business and you will need an affiliate link to join.

You can also increase your potential earnings by referring new members to Runiverse.

What’s next?

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