RUNY tokenomics explained

Runy token can be utilized by Runiverse players to challenge their opponents choosing any crypto asset of their liking, effectively becoming an alter-ego of the chosen coin. It classifies as a Polygon-native utility-token, and has a max supply of 16.8B, progressively minted throughout an innovative system linked to Equeus’ Mystery Pack minting system.

This model ensures a gradual and truly decentralized Runy token distribution, therefore also guaranteeing the total absence of disproportionate quantities of tokens in the hands of single wallets, in order to avoid them influencing market volatility.

Opening Mystery Packs

The opening of the Equeus Mystery Packs is the initial piece of all Runy tokenomics. The minting model, completely built on smart contracts, is activated each time a user purchases a Mystery Pack. Tokens are then minted in an amount that is proportional to the value of the purchase, divided by the Runy market price in that timeframe.

Below is the practical example of a Diamond Mystery Pack purchase:

  1. User A purchases a $3,499 Diamond package.
  2. The Runy token at the time of purchase of which point 1 is equal to $0.5.
  3. The smart contract generates – and keep – 6,998 new Runy tokens.
  4. User A opens the package and the smart contract assigns that specific Wallet 6.998 Runy which will be delivered with the following staking period: 25% after 2 years, 25% after 3 years, 25% after four years, the last 25% at the end of the 5th year.
  5. At the same time, the smart-contract assigns a reward equal to 20% of the annual value total of Runy tokens. The allocation is distributed weekly (20% divided by 52 weeks) and is automatically sent to the wallet that opened the package (in this specific case, 134.5 Runy are therefore assigned—completely free from any constraint—every week.)
  6. In the case of other prizes within the Mystery Pack, such as NFT tracks, skins or lottery, they are awarded immediately upon opening the Pack.

Circulating Supply

All the Runys found in the packages have a vesting period of five years and the Annual Percentage Return, which ranges from a minimum of 6% to a maximum of 50% only for the first year vesting, has a weekly release which therefore varies from 0.11% to a maximum of 0.96% weekly.


The annual yield (valid for the first year of staking) has a variable percentage depending on the Mystery Pack purchased.

Staking Period

Each time a package is opened, a staked Runy amount is assigned to the wallet that opened it. It is important to remark that the staked Runy are not assigned to the purchasing wallet, but to the wallet that opened the pack, allowing the existence of a secondary market of Mystery packs not yet opened.

When the staking period expires, the user can proceed to unstake directly from their own Equeus control panel.

DEX Liquidity

An initial liquidity is injected in the DEX in order to create the pair, then the Runy supply is progressively added on the DEX by the token holders that received weekly APYs. An organic and effectively decentralized growth is going to reward those who sustain the project by providing liquidity on the pair.


In order to augment the progressive scarcity of Runy tokens, a burning model is applied, in order to preserve the Runy token value proportionally to the use of the Runiverse application. Each time a user spends Runy in the Runiverse shop, 100% of the tokens spent are burned.


Kimiko DAO has issued smart contracts for the minting of the Runy (RUNY) token on the Polygon blockchain with the ability to create future bridges to BSC, Ethereum and other chains. The main purpose of the Runy token is to be used as a utility token to access the services of the Web3 Runiverse platform.

The maximum supply is 16.8B, the initial supply is 1.5B (distributed as per the diagram below) and the circulating supply varies according to the Mystery Packs purchased; in
fact, upon opening each Mystery Pack, tokens of equal value to the cost of the pack are minted with a five-year vesting and variable reward (APY).

Initial Supply

An initial amount of 1.5B of Runy tokens is minted at the token creation stage in order to
manage and safeguard certain segments of the Runy ecosystem and the Runiverse. Preminted Runy tokens are stored in multisignature Gnosis addresses whose control is governed by majority decisions of Kimiko, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization that heads both projects.

Bridge Token Hub

Equeus, Runiverse and Kimiko DAO are at the forefront of spreading and promoting decentralized Web3 models.

For this reason, it was decided to dedicate 1B of Runy to third-party projects that have an
interest in creating connection bridges between what are the Equeus and Runiverse products. The possibility of submitting your application will be periodically published on
the Equeus and Runiverse channels with precise missions, including: hackathon, Web3 game competition, bug finder, penetration test, DeFi protocol and much more.

Initial Liquidity

In order to determine the launch price of the Runy token (defined as USD 0.0268) an initial liquidity equal to 1.9M of Runy with an USDT pair is supplied. The decentralized exchange on which the first liquidity pool is created is announced on both Runiverse and Equeus communication channels.

Liquidity reserve

The liquidity pool is gradually replenished by a 295 million Runy reserve. The USDT equivalent comes from sales of Mystery Packs within the Equeus platform, and liquidity supply phases unfold alongside Equeus’ user volume increase.

Shop Runiverse

Within the Runiverse shop, players have the option to buy Runy directly using USDT. The
smart contract acts as an intermediary to convey the transaction made by the players to
the decentralized ones and automatically exchanges USDT for Runy on the DEXes.

To make the user experience as smooth as possible, Runiverse has a reserve of 100M of
Runy in order to complete the user transaction in real-time
and take charge of any waiting times in the chain. This reserve is therefore intended to act as a buffer and is eventually used to be placed on the market only temporarily.

AR Airdrop

One of the main marketing phases planned consists in the publication of a proprietary app
through which it is possible to collect—in a Pokémon Go style Augmented Reality mode
Runys scattered around the players. This is a unique and innovative model to transform the classic airdrop into an engaging marketing element.


Within the Runiverse and Equeus team there are, starting from the CEO Davide Bisognin, class A players related to worldwide marketing. That’s why 100M of Runy is dedicated to collaborations, partnerships, guerrilla marketing, innovative digital and physical strategies, traditional media and much more. Usage of this supply is prioritized on initiatives that have greater media exposure and with an assigned token burning model of at least 50%.

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