Equeus Referral Link

Dear Reader,

Equeus referral link: https://app.equeus.com/register/limbix

  • Do you want to earn passive income whenever someone plays the Runiverse game?
  • Do you want to earn passive income with RUNY tokens?
  • Do you want to earn referral commissions by helping Runiverse and Equeus to grow?

If the answers are YES, join Equeus!

Click on this referral link to sign up with Equeus: https://app.equeus.com/register/limbix

The sales of Mystery Packs starts on 5th February 2023.

Read this article to learn about Mystery Packs: https://runiverse.run/2022/12/19/how-to-build-passive-income-with-runiverse/

To buy Mystery Packs you will need to log in to Equeus and connect your MetaMask Wallet on the Polygon chain.

Comprehensive tutorials will follow!

If you have questions, please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/runiverseglobal